Vestamatic + Wieland Cooperation

SMI 3.0 with Vestamatic + Wieland
Connecting SMI Motors with BUSBar Technology

Using the Standard Motor Interface (SMI) in 3.0 version, Vestamatic and Wieland together cooperatively work as ambassadors to securely deliver digital motor solutions to contract installations all around the world.

Vestamatic focusses on delivering turnkey projects with fabricators and installers of blinds. The SMI technology provides significant advantages especially in pre-designed, pre-installed and pre-fabricated installs.

Façade modules incorporate SMI powered blinds, 16 in parallel all interconnected, all on one single power supply using a halogen-free BUSbar made by Wieland. The joint solution de-risks installations, is perfect for pre-fabrication of the blind and of the parallel wiring and saves cost. We call it the triple win.

Vestamatic together with Wieland have created a combined article on the benefits of SMI technology and our joint solutions based on experiences from more than 100,000 installed SMI drives with pluggable components in projects worldwide.

Download the 3.0 SMI Pluggable Installation Solutions Article by Vestamatic and Wieland.
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