Vestamatic delivers engineering services globally.

With 40+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing products, Vestamatic is your engineering solutions partner for shading and lighting systems. Our Science Centre in Siek is the central hub for all Vestamatic product development and OEM engineering, creating products and control solutions.

Engineering Services

Vestamatic offers OEM engineering services for businesses, helping to customise and create original products ready for market release under a company’s brand. We design and engineer each product from initial concept through to completion, including the development of software, product housing development, product engineering, testing, retesting and qualification.

Contract Services

We are specialists in contract solutions with the expertise in delivering project ready installations and commissioning. Vestamatic contract services include wiring schematics, programming of motor controls and network components, central control configuration, commissioning in Germany and internationally, user training, site services, maintenance and online support.

Transportation Services

Our distribution centre in Monchengladbach is the central location for all logistics and specialised packaging. Services include packaging, local pickup of orders and logistic management for transportation and shipments to Europe and globally.

Sample Systems

Sample systems can be engineered specific to a shading manufacturer’s specifications or developed for the needs of dealers and sales teams for showcasing the functionality of shading systems integrated with Vestamatic motors and control systems.

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