Vestamatic – your intelligent shading motorisation, automation and lighting control partner.


Made in Germany of the highest quality, Vestamatic motors, controls and components, incorporate intelligent functionality with standard and customizable options, offering project ready solutions.

Products & Services

Vestamatic quality energy efficient motors, made in Germany.

Communicate seamlessly to KNX, LON, RS485, Modbus, BACNET and more.

An extensive range of control and automation systems for shading.

Durable, adaptable, and high-quality motor accessories and cabling systems.

Multipurpose plug and play sensors – functional, modular, and linear.

Find a legacy archive item by item number or description.

SMI Motors and Cabling

IoT Digital communication, centralised BMS integration, remote programming and grouped control. Simplified yet sophisticated shading automation.

Project References

Explore some of our project references where motors and control systems integrate with shading applications.

Shading Applications

Roller Blinds, Shutters, External Venetian Blinds and more. Discover the variety of shading applications Vestamatic products are designed and engineered for.

Engineering Services

With 40+ years of experience in designing and manufacturing products, we use our platforms to create sustainable solutions in a timely and efficient manner. We also engage with businesses looking to implement an OEM series-ready product.

At our Science Centre in Siek, we engage in the engineering of contract blind and lighting solutions by installing and testing operating functionality, including engineering software and mechanics to suit the wishes of architects, designers, and developers globally.


Product Configurations

Simplified connection diagrams for motors, controls, sensors and more.

Product Compatibility

Compare our products and functionality with easy to use comparison charts.
New Product Catalogue 2023-24
New 2023-24 Product Catalogue The latest product catalogue from Vestamatic reinforces our reputation as a leader in shading automation through a commitment to innovation, quality, ...
New Online Product Catalogue
New Online Product Catalogue Vestamatic has just released a NEW online product catalogue with easy to use category navigation, product item search, data sheets and ...
Delivering SMI Projects
Vestamatic has created a brochure for designers, consultants and users with the benefits of using a SMI solution concept.

New Releases

Keep up to date with the latest Vestamatic product releases in motors, sensors, controls and accessories.
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