Quay Quarter Tower

The 49 story QQT is an upcycle development project by reusing the existing structure of the former AMP Centre (beams, columns, and slabs) and 95% of the original core, resulting in an embodied carbon saving of 7.3 million kilograms.

Over 1,900 automated Roller Blinds were installed using Vestamatic digital motor drives, connected by simplified cabling connections, delivering direct iOT feedback on motor drive status, blind positioning and performance.

The blinds are programmed and controlled by a local building control system using timed automation, the buildings coordinates and solar path positioning, all integrated with a centralised BMS.

Roller Blinds

digital motors

BUSbar cabling

Bespoke Software and Control Interface

Location Sydney, Australia
Shading Solution: Roller Blinds using Vestamatic VL-35 Digital SMI Motors.
Architect: 3xn
Builder: Multiplex
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