Olympia London

The iconic Olympia London exhibition centre, event space and conference centre recently completed renovations to improve light and glare control to the large glass facades on both ends of the building.

Vestamatic CRE digital drive motors were fitted to heavy duty Guillaume Jansen blackout roller blinds. The motors are powered by an advanced BUSbar cabling system which powers x16 motors/blinds per cable, greatly reducing the amount of wiring and connection points needed.

Blinds are operated together in unison by switch for up, down and hight adjustment functionality.

Guillaume Jansen Blockout blinds

VL-SMI digital motors 01053110

BUSbar cabling & motor connectors 054504012 +

Switch control 050000015

Location London, UK
Shading Solution: Guillaume Jansen blackout roller blind systems using Vestamatic CRE VL-SMI digital motors and BUSbar cabling system
Shading Contractor: Automated Blinds & Curtains
Shading Installation: CD Blinds
Architect: Henry Edward Coe (1886)
Builder: Gardiner & Theobald LLP (renovation work)
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