Architects and Planners

Project Support & Assistance

Vestamatic is your partner in the creation of intelligent shading automation solutions for buildings in providing the best possible energy-efficient benefits. Our team of technical experts assist with product specifications and comprehensive solutions in project planning.

We develop shading configurations tailored for each architectural shading project.
This commitment ensures that we can offer architects and planners the best solutions and advice.

If an all-inclusive project shading service is required, Vestamatic works in partnership with Vasatec Contract Shading – an independent consultancy offering complete shading solutions including planning, system selection, control options and delivery/commissioning as one.


All-inclusive project shading with Vasatec

Vasatec is an independent consultant, delivering all-inclusive project-specific shading solutions.
By collaborating with multiple suppliers, Vasatec develops hybrid solutions using a  combination of shading devices, components, and controls to meet the unique demands of each project.

Vestamatic is a partner on projects providing motor, control, and automation technology.

Planning | Measurement | Configuration | Shading Systems | Control and Automation | Delivery, Installation, and Commissioning.

Visit Vasatec to discuss a shading solution best suited to your needs.

Solution Planning

Our in-house experts can provide detailed shading configuration plans to meet your specifications.

SMI - Project Shading

SMI is the primary choice for architects and consultants aiming to achieve the highest building standards worldwide. It simplifies integration, provides supplier independence, ensures future-proof products connected to the IoT, and allows for fewer components.

SMI (Standard Motor Interface) is an open industry standard for the communication of motors and controls in sun protection devices.

Project References

Vestamatic supplies shading automation products and solutions to major projects worldwide through our extensive network of partners.

Our Commitment to Quality

Over 40 years of experience in designing and manufacturing products in-house.