all in one sensor

KNX - all-in-one sensor

The new range of DT multi-sensors are an extension to Vestamatic’s well-known line of shading motors, controls, and sensors. The KNX Multi-Sensor creates comfort and well-being by precisely adjusting the indoor climate. Presence-dependent control of lighting systems, temperature, acoustics, humidity, and air quality automates by hygienic contactless control.

Installed surface-mounted, recessed, or flush-mounted with the ceiling, the sensor detects 360° with a 10m range at 2,8m mounting height. An additional acoustic sensor provides optimal, expandable area coverage.

Movement, presence, temperature, CO², brightness, humidity and acoustics coupled with KNX


  • Motion or presence detector
    simply at the push of a button or remotely – any time.
  • Range extension
    simple by parallel connection.
  • Push button input
    fully or semi-automatic.
  • Customisation
    via IR remote control
  • Additional acoustic sensor
    best expandable area coverage.
  • Zero crossing switching
    switching safely.

Sensors that trigger shading and ventilation commands

  • An energy command set
    i.e. to set default room temperature and deviations trigger a shading command.
  • A comfort program
    i.e. to set shades to a position when zone lux values are below or above a threshold.
  • An acoustic program
    that moves blinds for specific room acoustics CO2- related programs in combination with ventilation and blinds.
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