RS485 to KNX Gateway

Vestamatic KNX / RS 485 gateway to better shading and lighting control

Vestamatic’s new gateway allows easy and commercially competitive connection of sensors, motor controls and digital motor controls with SMI technology to KNX.

The new gateway is available in different applications:


The gateway connects to sensors providing data in an RS 485 format in KNX. The Vestamatic conventional wind, sun, rain and temperature sensors can be connected this way, to provide sensor data in a KNX format without additional configuration.For retrofit and new build.


The gateway connects conventional dry contact motors controls with standard motors to KNX. The Vestamatic MC P4 RS485 can be integrated to combine regular motor install and commissioning with the possibilities of KNX.For retrofit and new build.


The gateway connects digital motors through controls like Vestamatic’s SMI/ RS485 Interface to KNX. This allows for fast and easy commissioning and contractual security for the blind and electrical contractor.For retrofit and new build.

Selected Benefits:

  • Designed and Made in Germany
  • Connection of up to four RS485/ SMI Controls for up to 64 Vestaline or Lovoline SMI motors on one KNX line
  • Connection of up to four MC P4 RS485 for up to 16 conventional motors on one KNX line
  • KNX plugin for simplified configuration and assignment of connected motors
  • Up to three lock functions per application
  • Data feedback on various information
  • Up to four adjustable scenes per application
  • Extensive ETS parameterization options
  • Slim DIN-rail housing with 1 TE

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